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Your Chef's Uniform

The CIA's Uniform Policy

Before you can set foot in a CIA kitchen, you need to have the appropriate clothing and footwear. The Ultimate Image, LLC provides all chef's uniforms for the CIA. Please use their website to submit your sizing information so that they can have your uniform ready and waiting for you on Day One. Your uniform is included in your tuition costs.

Order Your Chef's Uniform

When completing the order form, please select "Culinary Uniforms" or "Baking/Pastry Uniforms" under "Student Type."

Not sure what size you are? This sizing chart will help.

Chef's Uniform

On Day One, we'll provide you with five pairs of checked pants, two neckerchiefs, three aprons, and three side towels. If you're a culinary arts majors, we'll also provide you with your table service uniform (two pairs of black pants, three white shirts, one vest, and one tie). Baking & pastry arts majors will be fitted and receive their front-of-the-house uniforms later in the program.

By filling out the above form, we'll know what sizes to provide. However, if the clothing you receive doesn't fit, you will be able to exchange it. Also on Day One, we'll fit you for your personally embroidered CIA chef's jacket. You'll be issued a temporary, plain chef's jacket that you will return when your personal jacket is delivered the following week.

Why don't we ask for your chef's jacket size in advance? Chef's jackets are difficult to size properly if you haven't owned one before and we want to make sure that the one we embroider with your name fits properly!

Kitchen Shoes

You are responsible for providing your own pair of kitchen-appropriate shoes. You will need to have these shoes during your first week with us. You can either:

  1. Purchase shoes ahead of time. They must be:
    • black,
    • slip-resistant,
    • have an enclosed heel,
    • and be of sturdy, non-athletic construction.
  2. Order CIA-approved footwear through a vendor approved by the CIA.
    • The Ultimate Image, LLC: These shoes will arrive with your uniform on Day One. You will not be charged a shipping fee and will be able to exchange them if they do not fit comfortably. (Please note: When ordering through this website you will be asked to supply your home shipping address. You will then be asked how you want the shoes shipped. If you select Day One shipping, the shoes will be delivered to the CIA as part of your uniform package and you will not be charged for shipping. If you choose to have the shoes shipped to your home, you will be charged for shipping.)

For more in-depth guide to our policies, check out our Professionalism, Uniform, and Hygiene Policy (PDF). And if you want to read the official rules and regulations, look at pages 65–69 of our Student Handbook (PDF).

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